Features of EASE PC Scan Tool

The EASE PC Scan Tool Is Loaded With Productivity Features So You Can Fix Cars Faster.

The EASE PC Scan Tool offers more features than any other scan tool. Vehicle information is presented in a user friendly format that you can quickly navigate through to find what you need to get the vehicle fixed right - the first time. With this system in your shop, you'll be able to diagnose vehicle problems faster so you'll have more time for other things.

Take A Look At This Long List Of Features!

Large Display Area

Large Display Area

A computer monitor is enormous when compared to the small LCD displays offered by other scan tools. With the EASE PC Scan Tool you can view many different parameters on your PC screen at the same time. The interrelationships between different parameters can be easily seen through multiple graphs, meters with min/max determination, or as a data grid, providing the user with the most comprehensive and functional look at live data possible.

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View 100+ Parameters At Same Time In The Data Grid

Vehicle Data Grid Screen

With the volume of complex data being sent from the many different controllers in a vehicle, EASE gives you the ability to see the whole picture, not just a tiny piece of it. View 1 to 100+ data parameters in the Data Grid Screen depending upon your monitor size. (With my 22" monitor, I can view 128 parameters at one time!)

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High Definition Graphing

Scan Tool Graph

The EASE PC Scan Tool graphs data with scope like resolution. Graphing is an IMPORTANT feature, since you cannot diagnose and fix what you cannot see. This powerful graphing capability shows you the ‘real picture’ of what’s occurring in the vehicle.

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Easily View Data From A Distance

Scan Tool Meters

The EASE PC Scan Tool Meters allow you view vehicle data in a larger format so it can be viewed from a distance. You can view up to 9 meters at once and customize the colors.

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Dashboard Screen

The EASE PC Scan Tools Dashboard feature allows you to view data in a "dashboard" format.  You can use one of the included dashboard themes or design your own.

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Unlimited Record/Playback with Snapshots & Markers

Record Data Screen

We realize how important it is to record data for long periods of time to capture intermittent problems not just seconds or several minutes. Have you ever tried to capture data on a nagging intermittent problem with someone else's tool, using only a 10 second record time? With the EASE PC Scan Tool, recording time is limited only by the size of your computer's hard drive so you can record for hours, not seconds making sure you capture that pesky glitch whenever it happens.

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Track Every Vehicle You Work On

Enter Vehicle Data Screen

The EASE PC Scan Tool stores info on every vehicle it’s ever been hooked up to. You can retrieve information for any vehicle you've ever worked on by searching on the License Plate, State, VIN, Vehicle Owner, Make, Model, Year, Engine or Transmission. You can attach notes to vehicle records using full word-processing capability. Instead of ‘reinventing the wheel’ to fix similar vehicle problems, you can refer to your database of past repairs.

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Read & Clear DTCs

DTC Screen

The PC Scan Tool checks for DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) during initial connection to a vehicle. It then continuously scans for DTCs and pops up a DTC alert if a DTC occurs.   For each DTC, the DTC Number is listed along with a description, time stamp and more.  

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One Click Repair Solutions With DTC Web Search

DTC Web Search

Sometimes a diagnostic trouble code and description don't give quite enough information to fix a car. With the EASE DTC Web Search, web users tell you how they fixed the same problem - at the click of a mouse.

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Extensive Software Libraries

DTC Software Library

A Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), Automotive Acronym and Parameter Software Library are built into the EASE PC Scan Tool. The DTC library has over 40,000 DTCs. So you'll have instant access to a lot of information that you don't have to memorize or look for in a manual. All the needed information you need is right at your fingertips.

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Fast & Easy One Click Navigation

Scan Tool Tool Bar

Getting from one place in the EASE PC Scan Tool to another takes just a click of the mouse button. At the top of every screen is an iconical toolbar. There are also menu bars and functional buttons located on each screen providing you several simple ways to get to wherever you want to go

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Save & Print Professional Color Reports

Scan Tool Report

It’s quick and easy to generate reports with the EASE PC Scan Tool. With the click of one button, you can capture all the data on a vehicle and print a report. You select which items to show on the report. Once the report is generated, it can be printed or saved for later retrieval. The reports are easily understandable, professional and designed for you to show your customers or keep for internal use.

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Keep Up to Date With Automatic Web Updates


Keeping your tool current is much easier with internet based updates that will insure you are running the latest software available. With internet access, you will always have the latest bug fixes, new vehicles, newly added parameters and functionality at your fingertips.

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List of Productivity Features


The EASE PC Scan Tool is loaded with productivity features so you can fix cars faster. Check out this list of features!

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Easy Setup And Installation

Vehicle Communications Screen

Whether you're a computer expert or a novice, you can have the EASE PC Scan Tool System operational in just a few minutes.

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