Features - Track Every Vehicle

Track Every Vehicle You Work On

EASE PC Scan Tools store info on every vehicle it’s ever been hooked up to. You can retrieve information for any vehicle you've ever worked on by searching on the License Plate, State, VIN, Vehicle Owner, Make, Model, Year, Engine or Transmission.

Technicians can attach notes to vehicle records using full word-processing capability. Instead of ‘reinventing the wheel’ to fix similar vehicle problems, technicians can refer to their database of past repairs.


Enter Vehicle Data for Chevy OBD2 Car
  • Track License Plate Number and State, VIN, Owner, Technician and Vehicle Info
  • Keep notes per vehicle
  • Advanced database filtering to find saved vehicles


Enter Vehicle Data for Toyota OBD2 Car


Product Review - Wade E. Frarck

"more than paid for itself"

"Love the tool, it has already more than paid for itself."
Wade E. Frarck