Features - Professional Reports

Save, Reference & Print All Your Data In Professional Color Reports

It’s quick and easy to generate reports of pertinent vehicle data. With the click of one button, a technician can capture all the data on a vehicle and print a report containing: MIL status, DTCs, Freeze Frame Data, I/M Readiness Status, O2 Test Results, Graphs, Shop Information, Record Notes, Vehicle notes, Snapshot data and screen shots and more.

You select which items to show on the report. Once the report is generated, it can be printed or saved for later retrieval. Printed reports are clear, organized, easily understandable, professional and designed for technicians to show to customers or keep for internal productivity tracking. Click here to view a sample report.


Report Options Screen where you can pick which automotive diagnostic information to include in the report.
  • A convenient way to store all information about a vehicle in one place.
  • Never have to write anything down - User selected data is transferred electronically from the vehicle to the PC where it can be viewed, stored, and retrieved electronically along with technician notes included in the file.
  • Customizable - put your logo and shop information on top
  • Great sales tool - Reports can be used as a tangible record of repair to show your customers.
  • Data captures taken before and after a repair can be printed in a report to show the difference and validate the repair.
  • Easily share with others by printing to PDF
  • Previously saved reports can be used to review repair histories at any time the vehicle comes back into your shop. 
  • With our new Screen Grabber feature, you will be able to include any screen shot or photo from your PC in a PC Scan Tool report.   Share your diagnostic screen shots with customers and show them the information you used to repair their car.

Product Review - B.H. Lafayette

"the "WOW" factor are very important to developing loyal customers"

"The printable graphs and reports are very impressive to my customers as we all know image and the "WOW" factor are very important to developing loyal customers"
B.H. Lafayette