Features - Unlimited Record & Playback

Find Intermittent Problems Faster And Decrease Your Diagnostics Time With Unlimited Record/Playback Capability

At EASE, we realize how important it is to record data for long periods of time to capture intermittent problems not just seconds or several minutes, as most of our competitors allow.

Have you ever tried to capture data on a nagging intermittent problem with someone else's tool, using only a 10 second record time? With EASE PC Scan Tools, recording time is limited only by the size of your computer's hard drive. Given the memory size of a PC, you can record for hours, not seconds making sure you capture that pesky glitch whenever it happens.


Record unlimited automotive diagnostic data  with the EASE PC Scan Tool
  • Record unlimited data - With the EASE PC Scan Tool, recording time is limited only by the size of your computer's hard drive.
  • Recorded file database - Each recording in the database will show what vehicle it was recorded from, when it was recorded, what parameters were recorded and any notes you entered. Recordings can be easily retrieved again.
  • Add notes or keywords per recording - Using full word-processing capability.
GM OBD2 Data Recording Information
  • Exchange files with other users - With the EASE PC Scan Tool, recorded data files can be easily exchanged with anyone in the world via the internet. Technician groups exist that were formed to help each other with problem diagnosis. Through the interchange of data, diagnostics can be done more quickly and efficiently, saving both time and money.
  • Export Files To ASCII (text) - For use in other applications.
  • Large data buffer - The EASE PC Scan Tool has a built-in memory buffer that continuously stores data even when the Scan Tool is not in Record mode. If you are not recording but something happens and you want to return and look at it, you can easily capture the data stored in the memory buffer. By having this built-in memory buffer in addition to recording capability, there is little chance that an intermittent or other problem will get past you.
Record/Playback Tool bar in OBD II Generic Scan Tool
  • Playing back the data is just like using the scan tool on a live vehicle. All scan tool features and capabilities work on a previously recorded file. Playback speed and direction (forward or reverse) can also be controlled.
  • You can record known good sensors and parameters on each vehicle that comes into your shop and store them in the Recorded File Database. If that vehicle comes in with a problem, you can easily compare faulty sensor and parameter readings to the known good readings from your database, making your correct diagnosis a much simpler and accurate task.
  • The EASE Snapshot feature allows the user to record data values of multiple selected parameters at any time. This can be done as many times as necessary by simply pushing a pre-selected function key to record these values.
  • Markers can be made during a recording to signify events by pushing a pre-selected function key. If a Marker is done, the technician can scroll through the recording until a vertical colored line is seen in the data that marks the spot where the marker was chosen. This allows the technician to go directly to where the problem occurred or any other point marked without wasting time searching.
6 Charts Shown in the Generic OBDII Scan Tool

Product Review - Bruce Cosby

"certain tools help fix more problems more often, that tool for me happens to be EASE Diagnostics"

"I have always stated that any tool that helps fix a problem is a good tool, however I have found that certain tools help fix more problems more often, that tool for me happens to be EASE Diagnostics.
There have been more advances in automotive technology in the last 10 years than there has been in the last 100 years that’s because engineers are using technology to create new technology. These engineers are on a roll and they are not looking back.
This requires company’s that offer diagnostic equipment to stay on the cutting edge of technology, EASE Diagnostics does this at the highest level.
I emphasize on a regular basis to my students that the technology is moving away from hand held scanners and moving towards laptop technology giving the technician the speed and storage capacity to diagnose and make the repair right the first time.
I use EASE as a teaching tool extensively, it is user friendly, accurate and allows the students to see clearly the information I want them to see.
EASE Diagnostic is well engineered, well thought out, and most importantly in touch with the industry. I will continue to use EASE Diagnostics in the classroom as well as the repair shop.
Bruce Cosby
Advanced Automotive Training
Sacramento, CA


Product Review - Bob Pattengale

"Those (features) I find invaluable are unlimited data recording"

"The limitations of OBD II generic scan tools usually relate to small display screens and slow sample rates of live scan data. If you’re willing to invest a little more money, the EASE OBD II generic PC-based scan tool has several very useful features.
Those I find invaluable are unlimited data recording and customized data graphing. This is the tool I use to diagnose difficult intermittent driveability problems."
Bob Pattengale
Scan Tool Assessment Article
Motor Magazine