Features - Productivity Features

The EASE PC Scan Tool Is Loaded With Productivity Features So You Can Fix Cars Faster

Just Look At This List Of Features!

1. Unlimited Record/Playback capability
2. i.SHOP Version 2 Compliant
3. User-friendly software with easy navigation
4. On-line help
5. Vehicle selection database
6. View data parameters in grid, graph or meter format
7. 6 graphing windows w/graphing auto scale, zoom and pan
8. Meter configurations with Min/Max determination
9. Snapshots (time-stamped and color-coded) and Markers
10. Import recordings from other users
11. Export recordings as text files (ASCII for use in spreadsheets) or EASE Scan Tool recordings
12. Add notes to each recording and vehicle
13. Use your own PC
14. Easy upgrading at any time
15. Advanced database filtering to help you quickly find a previous vehicle or recording
16. EASE Mini Data Logger, PC Scope, Universal Reprogrammer and Gas Analyzer Support
17. Print Screens
18. Professionally printed Reports
19. Include any screen shot or photo in a PC Scan Tool Report with our Screen Grabber feature
20. Acronym and Parameter Libraries
21. Multiple user feature allows customization per user
22. Pre-defined and user customizable parameter sets
23. Password protection available per user
24. Read and Clear Generic and Manufacturer Specific DTCs
25. Read and Clear Freeze Frame & I/M Readiness Monitors
26. DTC Library of over 40,000 DTCs
27. Keep Your Scan Tool Up to Date with Automatic Web Updates
28. Printable Screen Shots


MOTOR Magazine Top 20 Tools Winner
EASE Scan Tool

"The Best Tool Of Its Kind In The World"

"The EASE Scanner Is, In Our Opinion,
Simply The Best Tool Of Its Kind In The World."
MOTOR Magazine
Top 20 Tools Article
September 1998