Features - High Definition Graphing

High Definition Graphing Finds Issues Faster

EASE PC Scan Tools graph data with scope like resolution. Graphing is an IMPORTANT feature, since you cannot diagnose and fix what you cannot see. The powerful graphing capability built into all EASE PC Scan Tools gives the user the ‘real picture’ of what’s occurring in the vehicle.

Best detailed graphing available!
Note the 60 RPM swing and the +/- 2% Short Term Fuel Trim in graphs above. Try displaying detail like that on other scan tools!
8 seconds of GM OBD II High Speed Powertrain shown.  Amazing Detail!
8 seconds of GM OBD II High Speed Powertrain Shown Above. Amazing detail!!

You can view up to 6 parameter graphs simultaneously and easily find and zoom in on a particular string of data. The point where a marker or snapshot was taken shows up as a vertical colored line on the graph so you can go directly to where the problem occurred or any other point marked without wasting time searching.

View up to 6 charts

If closer inspection is required on a seemingly straight-line section of the graph, our EASE exclusive Box Zoom feature allows you to zoom in and see the smallest data fluctuation to make a proper diagnosis. Even if you're not sure how to set up the graph, just zoom in and let another EASE exclusive, AutoScale, set it up for you.

  • Best detailed graphing available
  • View up to 6 charts
  • Auto scale, zoom features
  • Graph in time (seconds) or frames
  • Graph multiple parameters
  • Values tracked digitally
  • Markers and snapshots visible
  • Easily change parameters and setup
  • Overlay graph traces to compare
  • View effect of bi-directional controls
You can view effect of bi-directional controls in graphs.

Product Review - David Korrell

"ALL others pale by comparison"

"I just want to thank all of the EASE Staff. I have used ”SCANNERS” from many manufacturers, but with EASE on my PC at work ALL others pale by comparison. EASE is the only way to SCAN in the 21st century."
David Korrell
Las Vegas, Nevada

Product Review - Bob Pattengale

"Those (features) I find invaluable are ... customized data graphing"

"The limitations of OBD II generic scan tools usually relate to small display screens and slow sample rates of live scan data. If you’re willing to invest a little more money, the EASE OBD II generic PC-based scan tool has several very useful features.
Those I find invaluable are unlimited data recording and customized data graphing. This is the tool I use to diagnose difficult intermittent driveability problems."
Bob Pattengale
Scan Tool Assessment Article
Motor Magazine