Features - Easy Navigation

Fast & Easy One Click Navigation

Getting from one place in the EASE PC Scan Tool to another takes just a click of the mouse button. At the top of every screen is an iconical toolbar that allows the user to click on the icon for any function, (i.e. click the icon with the graph on it to go to Graphing, click on the icon that says DTC to go to the DTC screen, etc.).

PC Scan Tool Toolbar

If you don't like to use icons, there are also menu bars and functional buttons located on the screens.  There are always several simple ways to get to wherever you want to go from wherever you are.

Unlike hand-held scan tools, there are no layered menus or any kind of backtracking through previous screens to get somewhere else in the tool.

In addition to just making it easier to navigate the EASE PC Scan Tool, the icons at the top of each screen and the absence of layered menus saves a lot of time that can be spent more productively on something else.


Product Review - Murdock MacKinnon

"easy to display what ever data
you decide to view"

"The screens are very well laid out and easy to
display what ever data you decide to view. 
Congratulations on a product that works so well!"
Murdock MacKinnon
AST (Auto Service Technician) Instructor