Features - Read and Clear Trouble Codes (DTCs)

Read And Clear Trouble Codes

The PC Scan Tool checks for DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) during initial connection to a vehicle. It then continuously scans for DTCs and pops up a DTC alert if a DTC occurs.

DTC Alert Screen
  • Continuous DTC Scan and DTC Alert
Large DTC Screen in OBDII Generic Scan Tool
  • DTCs are time-stamped as they occur
  • Clear DTCs (if supported by vehicle)
  • Generic and Enhanced DTC Scan
  • Automatic Snapshot when DTC occurs
  • Read and Clear Freeze Frame Data
  • Freeze Frame data saved if DTCs are cleared
  • DTC Library of over 40,000 DTCs
  • With the EASE DTC Web Search, web users tell you how they fixed the same problem - at the click of a mouse.


Product Review - Jason Peters

"the best scanning tool out there!"

"I am very impressed with the EASE product! Its by far the best scanning tool out there! I have recommended it to all that is wondering which tool to get."
Jason Peters